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#  include <config.h>

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <glade/glade.h>
#include <gconf/gconf-client.h>

#define MSG_SEND_URL "http://tangogps.org/friends/msg_send.php"

#define GCONF "/apps/" PACKAGE
#define TILESIZE 256
#define MAP_PAGE 0
#define FRIENDS_PAGE 1

#define TRACKPOINT_LIST_MAX_LENGTH 10000  /* max points to keep in mem */
#define TRIP_DELTA_MIN 0.005              /* min distance between points to log: 5m */
#define SEGMENT_DISTANCE 100              /* start a new segment when distance exceeds: 100m */

typedef struct {
      int   time;
      float lat;
      float lon;
      float lat_deg;
      float lon_deg;
      float alt;
      float speed;
      float head;
      float hdop;
      int   heart;
} trackpoint_t;

typedef struct {
      double lat;
      double lon;
} waypoint_t;

typedef struct {
      char *name;
      char *uri;
      char *dir;
      int inverted_zoom;
} repo_t;

typedef struct {
      char *filename;
      char *name;
      double lat;
      double lon;
      char *desc;
      int screen_x;
      int screen_y;
} photo_t;

typedef struct {
      char *idmd5;
      double lat_deg;
      double lon_deg;
      int visibility;
      int category;
      int subcategory;
      char *keywords;
      char *desc;
      int price_range;
      int extended_open;
      int screen_x;
      int screen_y;
      GtkWidget *widget;
} poi_t;

typedef struct {
      double time;            /* Time of update, seconds since Unix epoch */
      int    mode;            /* Mode of fix */
      double latitude;  /* Latitude in degrees (valid if mode >= 2) */
      double longitude; /* Longitude in degrees (valid if mode >= 2) */
      double altitude;  /* Altitude in meters (valid if mode == 3) */
      double heading;
      double speed;           /* Speed over ground, meters/sec */
      double bearing;         /* in radian, calculated by tangogps */
} tangogps_gps_fix_t;

typedef struct {
      tangogps_gps_fix_t fix;
      int satellites_used;
      int satellites_inview;
      double hdop;
      gboolean valid;
      gboolean seen_vaild; /* ever had a vaild fix? */
} tangogps_gps_data_t;

extern GdkPixmap  *pixmap;

extern const char *gladefile;
extern GladeXML         *gladexml;

extern GtkWidget  *window1, *window2;
extern GtkWidget  *map_drawable;
extern GtkWidget  *dialog1;
extern GtkWidget  *dialog8;
extern GtkWidget  *window3;
extern GtkWidget  *menu1;
extern GList            *global_infopane_widgets;
extern GList            *global_infopane_current;

extern char *global_track_dir;

extern int global_x;
extern int global_y;
extern int global_zoom;
extern int global_zoom_max;
extern int global_detail_zoom;

extern int mouse_dx; // for mouse move pixmap
extern int mouse_dy;

extern int global_speed_unit;
extern int global_alt_unit;
extern int global_latlon_unit;

extern int global_drawingarea_width;
extern int global_drawingarea_height;

extern tangogps_gps_data_t *gpsdata;

extern GQueue           *trackpoint_list;
extern GSList           *friends_list;
extern GSList           *photo_list;
extern GSList           *poi_list;
extern GSList           *msg_list;
extern float            trip_distance;
extern double           trip_maxspeed;
extern double           trip_time;
extern double           trip_starttime;
extern gboolean         trip_counter_on;
extern trackpoint_t     global_myposition;
extern gboolean         trip_logger_on;
extern gboolean         trip_livelog_on;

extern gchar            *global_curr_reponame;
extern int        global_repo_cnt;
extern int        global_repo_nr;
extern GSList           *global_repo_list, *global_curr_repo;
extern GConfClient      *global_gconfclient;

extern gboolean         global_infopane_visible;
extern gboolean         global_landscape;
extern gboolean         global_auto_download;
extern gboolean         global_mapmode;
extern gboolean         global_autocenter;
extern gboolean         global_reconnect_gpsd;
extern int        global_tiles_in_dl_queue;

extern gboolean         global_show_pois;
extern gboolean         global_show_friends;
extern gboolean         global_show_photos;
extern gboolean         global_new_msg;
extern int        global_poi_cat;

extern gboolean         global_wp_on;
extern waypoint_t global_wp;

extern char       *global_friend_nick;
extern char       *global_friend_pass;

extern int        global_ffupdate_interval;
extern double           global_ffupdate_interval_minutes;
extern gboolean         global_fftimer_running;
extern int        global_ff_mode;

extern gchar            *global_server;
extern gchar            *global_port;

extern gchar            *global_home_dir;
extern gchar            *foxtrotgps_dir;

extern int        mouse_x;
extern int        mouse_y;

extern int        drag_started;

enum {
      PRIVATE_MODE = 1,
      FRIEND_MODE = 2,
      FUN_MODE = 3

enum {
      METRICAL = 0,
      IMPERIAL = 1,
      NAUTICAL = 2

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